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Robotics Building

Welcome to cybernetx, the very best cyber robotics website on earth. Here on our website we will post robot builds and lots of technology. We will be posting videos, manuals and photos of these custom made robots. We will include component lists as well so you can make them at home. Cybernetx will also post small building tutorials like wiring, soldering, custom electrical board creation, battery creation, and more. We are mechanical engineers, electrical engineers, computer engineers and computer scientisits. We are trying to change the way robots are used in industrial settings and research settings. 

Each month we will post build statuses of our robots. Very detailed photos and instructions so you can build the same robotics at home with us. Before each build cybernetx will post all the materials you will need to follow along the robot build with us. Use some of the referred suppliers we recommend for all robotic building materials. Most of our robots will be powered by lithium polymer batteries which we will be creating. These do the best and provide the most power for high power high technology robots. 

The actuators we will also be building for all the robots actuations. Cybernetx use electric motors for all the actuations. Brushless motors we prefer over brushed for extra reliability, longevity, and power. The sensors we will be purchasing from some of our suppliers are high quality and extremely reliable. They will allow the robot to receive important info regarding certian measurements of the environment, or vital internal components. Our robots always have a purpose. Our robots must be able to manipulate objects. Whether that be modify, pick up, destroy or otherwise have an effect on physical objects of some kind. For simplify our robots means of locomotion or travel will be rollers. Using continues tracks on our robots for movement is the best. This will put our robot to the advantage of less parts and greater efficiency. 

This website has great things about robotics: here. Information is great when building good robots. You will need to know basic building skills for assembling your amazing and innovative robotics.